Home insurance

In addition to usual home insurance requirements, we are able to arrange bespoke cover for individuals with more complex insurance needs such as:

No two homes are the same, so we’ll tailor insurance to protect your possessions against everything from a minor mishap to a major crisis.

We cover diverse property portfolios including private residences, second homes, city residences, country retreats, stately homes, overseas dwellings, holiday homes, properties for family members and properties held in trust.

Motor Solutions

Clients receive a simple, inclusive solution encompassing all manner of motor assets: family, staff and everyday vehicles, super and performance cars, classic cars, rare collections, quad bikes and motorised

Travel and personal protection

We provide comprehensive and realistic cover tailored to the complex and boundless travel needs of our clients for both business and pleasure purposes.  This is far superior to the level of cover offered by Travel Agents,  Tour Operators and online providers.

We deal with a select number of insurers who will settle your claim promptly and without quibble,  but more importantly,  will give you all the emergency help you need in the country where the event occurs.

Cover can be negotiated to include commercial activities within estate grounds, for example cover for shoots, farm parks and shops, weddings and other where loss of income protection is required.  

Farms and Estates

We cover Estate Portfolios that typically might include large country houses, tenanted houses, cottages or farms, commercial and agricultural buildings, estate vehicles, produce and deadstock, livestock, game and acreage, whether it be managed and farmed in-house or contracted out.

Cover can be negotiated to include commercial activities within the estate grounds, for example shoots, farm parks and shops conference and wedding events and other activities where loss of income should be insured.

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